Éanna Kiely is the lead CDISC Consultant at ClinBuild and he volunteers to CDISC on behalf of Syneos Health.
He has been working with CDISC standards since 2008 in a variety of functions including Data Manager, Data Standards Librarian, SDTM Legacy Data Mapper and Line Manager/Product Owner of CDISC based Metadata Repository. He has led 2 CDASH/SDTM Standards Implementation and Governance projects and has been a CDASH/SDTM/EDC SME on 4 others for both Pharma and CROs across Europe.
He has been volunteering with CDISC since 2013 when he joined the SDS Questionnaires Ratings and Scales (QRS) sub-team and published a number of QRS Supplements and worked on projects. He joined the CDASH team in 2015 to work on CDASHIG 2.0 and Model 1.0 on which he is an author. He is currently a member of the Extended SDS Leadership team and an author on the forthcoming SDTMIG 3.3. He has taken part in a number of SDS projects and is currently leading the SDTM Lab Units representation team. Most recently he joined the Controlled Terminology (CT) Lab Units team and is an Authorized CDISC CT Instructor in Training.
He is a member of the European CDISC Coordinating Committee and CDISC UK User Group where he helps organize the European Interchange, CDISC UK Events and frequently presents.

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