CDISC Library Workshop - Virtual

This workshop is your opportunity to take a deep dive into CDISC Library, the single, trusted, authoritative source of CDISC standards metadata. CDISC Library uses linked data and a REST API to deliver CDISC standards metadata to software applications that automate standards-based processes to support greater efficiency throughout the clinical research lifecycle.

Learn how to leverage standards content in CDISC Library via the Data Standards Browser to:

  • Select which standard you would like to review in more detail by searching or traversing its hierarchy
  • Provide clear relationship delineations across and within standards
  • Apply filters at the result level to further refine focus of search
  • Export content at the product level into an available media type (e.g., CSV, XLSX)

For developers who want to create tools and applications that foster greater innovation, the workshop will explore the CDISC Library API to learn how to:

  • Use the API documentation to determine how to request specific standards content
  • Read the API documentation to determine what content gets returned for a specific request
  • Practice requesting specific standards metadata using commonly available tools with hands-on exercises
  • Use the API to search for specified standards content
  • Request a specific media-type such as JSON, XML, or CSV
  • Interpret header information and response codes
  • Find example programs




Data Manager
Standards Expert
System Architect
Technical Manager


Academic Institution
Clinical Laboratory
Healthcare Provider
Medical Device
Technology Service Provider