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CDASH Implementation

The CDASH standard describes the basic data collection fields that are common to all therapeutic areas and all types of clinical research. This full-day course will provide attendees with an overview of the key concepts from the CDASH standard. The course also includes in-depth implementation information for all of the CDASH domains, with hands-on exercises and a post-course assessment.

Course content includes:

  • Intro to CDASH in the World of CDISC Standards
  • Foundational Principles of the CDASH Standard
  • Best Practices When Using CDASH
  • CDASH Conformance Rules
  • Using CDASH to Expand your Library
  • Putting it All Together for a Study

Learning outcomes addressed in this course include:

  • Access and use the CDASH documentation
  • Apply the foundational principles to study development and conduct
  • Assess conformance of study materials to the CDASH standards
Current Course Material Used: 
CDASH v1.1, SDTMIG v3.2, SDTM v1.4, AE & VS CDASH Training Datasets

A basic understanding of the clinical data collection process is helpful to understanding the material presented.

Course Length: 
1 Day
Course Type: 
Public, Private, Online, Licensed
CRF Designer
Data Manager