Length: 1-day

Language: English


The BRIDG Model is a Domain Analysis Model (DAM) that is being developed through a collaborative effort of stakeholders from CDISC, the HL7 Regulated Clinical Research Information Management Technical Committee (RCRIM TC), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This one-day workshop is a more detailed and advanced follow-up to the Intro to BRIDG course and provides a stronger understanding of the BRIDG model and helps in deciding how to leverage these domain semantics for clinical research related applications or other implementations at your organization.


This full-day workshop will cover:

  • A high level overview of BRIDG Model Content
  • A detailed review of the 5 sub-domains
  • An introduction to the ISO data typesDetailed walk-thru of the Model using some common processes of clinical research
  • Open discussion period to identify semantics for an audience generated use case
  • Introduction to the BRIDG harmonization process
  • How to work with the BRIDG SCC and harmonize your project semantics


  • Experience with modeling data structures--e.g, data models, ERD, UML, logical and physical database design, etc.
  • Intro to BRIDG (CDISC training--optional)
  • Basic knowledge of clinical trials concepts and proceses
  • Experience with requirements analysis/modeling tool (e.g., Rational Rose,
  • Enterprise Architect, Oracle Designer, ERWin, etc. (Recommended, not required)


Types of training available: Public | Private | Online