Branding FAQ

What is the meaning of CDISC’s tagline “Clear Data. Clear Impact.”?

The tagline concisely relays that in the ever-evolving and complex clinical research landscape, CDISC provides critical clarity by developing and advancing data standards of the highest quality to transform incompatible formats, inconsistent methodologies, and diverse perspectives into a powerful framework for generating clinical research data that is as accessible as it is illuminating.

CDISC is driven by the belief that the true measure of data is the impact it has. We enable the accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of data, helping the entire field of clinical research tap into—and amplify—its full value. From greater efficiency to unprecedented discoveries, we make it possible to turn information into invaluable impact for clinical research and global health.

What is the significance of the new logo and pattern?

The four dots represent clinical research data points. The dots are integrated with the letters of CDISC to convey the idea that our Standards are interconnected and interoperable. The colored dots are aligned horizontally to suggest the collective power and forward thinking of the CDISC global community. The geometric, clean, and bold typographic element of the logo supports the brand essence, “Clear Data. Clear Impact.”

The pattern suggests collective power (the CDISC community) and the framework for generating and connecting clinical research data.

Use of the CDISC Logo, CDISC Elements and word “CDISC” are protected by U.S. Trademark Law, and should not be used by an external party without the express consent and guidance of CDISC Communications. Use of the CDISC logos and symbols is covered under CDISC internal policy number 11.a in the CDISC Communications, Public Relations and Marketing Policies. Reproduction of any logos or symbols is prohibited without the approval of CDISC Communications. For licensing information, please contact the CDISC Communications Team.

CDISC Member organizations can use the CDISC Membership Badge on your website, business cards, marketing materials or at event booths to showcase that your organization is a member of CDISC. To request, a CDISC Membership Badge, please contact