CDISC Coordinating Committees

CDISC Coordinating Committees (3Cs) support global CDISC initiatives within specific regions of the world and provide regional feedback to the central CDISC organization. They differ from User Groups in that they are sanctioned directly by the CDISC Board of Directors and CDISC Executive Operations. The primary 3C activities are defined in collaboration with CDISC Executive Operations; these activities receive support from CDISC Operations and require effective communications between the two groups.

CDISC 3Cs represent the CDISC organization around the globe, and help to strengthen relationships with international and local entities as well as organizations in their respective regions. The primary aim is to promote the value of CDISC and its vision and mission. One of the essential responsibilities of the 3Cs is to organize and promote CDISC annual Interchanges in their regions.

Information on the current active CDISC Coordinating Committees can be viewed through the following links: