Custom Private Training

Unlock the full potential of your team with CDISC Education's customized training, expertly tailored to your company's unique data and operational needs. From integrating specific topics into standard training to creating interactive activities with your material, CDISC Education can provide customized training material using your company's data to maximize engagement with your employees. Begin by completing a training request form and embark on a journey of personalized education, with exclusive perks for CDISC Platinum Members. Your proprietary information remains confidential, ensuring a secure and customized learning pathway.

Examples of Customization:

  • Addition of custom topics to an off-the-shelf training * 
  • Removal of topics from an off-the-shelf training 
  • Creation of custom interactive activities using your organization’s material. 
    • Add a custom domain 
    • Annotate your CRFs 
    • Add variables from your annotated CRF to create a CDASH-conformant dataset 
  • Guidance and practice applying CDISC standards with your organization’s tools *  

    * Dependent upon whether we have a subject matter expert for the custom topics or tools requested. 

Implementation Process

  • Submit a private training request, including customization details.
  • A meeting will be scheduled with CDISC Education and CDISC Subject Matter Experts to discuss your customization requests.
  • A training quote will be sent for your review.
  • Pricing is based on training length and the amount of time spent customizing the training (both calculated at an hourly rate).
  • CDISC Platinum Members receive a limited amount of complimentary customization.
  • The training will be scheduled.
  • We will incorporate decided upon topics and materials shared by your organization into the training.

Any information shared between client and CDISC, including logistical documentation and client intellectual property, will be kept confidential.