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Global Approach to Accelerating Medical Research

½ day course

Language: English


The Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) has collaborated with numerous other organizations on a global basis to analyze research regulations and processes. Through these collaborations and the work of thousands of volunteers worldwide over the past 14 years, a set of enablers that can recognizably accelerate the medical research process, from protocol through analysis and reporting has emerged.


This half-day course outlines these enablers so that you can:


  • Understand the benefits of implementing them
  • Demonstrate how you can improve your data quality
  • Streamline workflow at investigative research sites and sponsoring organizations
  • Understand and communicate relevant business information that demonstrates the real world value of CDISC


This is a high level course intended for anyone who is involved in medical research in any capacity, and at any level.


Prerequisite: None


Global Approach to Accelerating Medical Research Course Attendee Comments:


"The instructor was able to adapt the presentation and materials to the groups as we went along.  It's clear that [the instructor] has a full and intuitive sense of the material."