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CDASH Implementation

1 day course

Language: English


The CDASH standard describes the basic data collection fields that are common to all therapeutic areas and all types of clinical research.  This full-day course will provide attendees with an overview of the key concepts from the CDASH V1.1 standard. The course also includes in-depth implementation information for all of the CDASH domains, with hands-on exercises.


Learning objectives addressed in this course include:


  • Purpose and basic concepts of the CDASH standard
  • Relationship between CDASH and the other CDISC standards
  • Conformance rules for CDASH implementations
  • Challenges of collecting data in de-normalized structures
  • CDASH Best Practice recommendations for data collection 


Recommendation: A basic understanding of the clinical data collection process is helpful to understanding the material presented.



CDASH Course Attendee Comments:


"[Instructor name] was a phenomenal instructor.  I left the training knowing so much more, and feeling much more comfortable with C-DASH concepts and terminology.  [The instructor] also provided ample opportunity for discussion of specific examples from our company standards."


-CDASH 'In-House' Private Course on 15 Feb 2012




"I was able to get some answers to some questions/issues I am having while current trying to develop some standards for our company. It's also helped me get a better understanding of how to make more sense of the 2000 page CDASH guide."


-CDASH Public Course in Austin, TX on 5 April 2012 




"Showing the guidance and how to use it was very helpful. Having just had the STDM training the interreleationship between CDASH and STDM was particularly helpful."


-CDASH Public Course in Morrisville, NC  on 23 Aug 2012




"The instructor was very knowledgeable and facilitated discussions that were very relevant to our situation.  She also answered questions well and acknowledged where there were implementation challenges."


-CDASH 'In-House' Private Course on 15 March 2012