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Story of the PTS Standard

The Fog of War - Doug Bossi and Echo Circle



In March, CDISC and the One Mind Foundation hosted an evening of education and entertainment to support efforts to find new and better treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), Major Depressive Disorder and other Mental Health Disorders. Our servicemen and women are especially susceptible to these conditions with one in five veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars diagnosed with PTS. 8,000 veterans die by suicide each year.

Composer, Doug Bossi, crafted and performed a special song for the event, dedicated to the plight of veterans who suffer with this “Fog of War.” Proceeds from downloading this song will go to developing a Therapeutic Area standard for PTS to ensure clinical research professionals who work with the data can share key findings, expediting the development of new and improved treatments to alleviate suffering for people worldwide.


We are pleased to announce that contributions from our Cowboy Up fundraiser in March, along with sponsorships from One Mind (which provided the funding for the Traumatic Brain Injury Standard), the US Army, and the Golden Rule Foundation, allowed us to begin the capacity to develop a standard for Post-Traumatic Stress. A major gift from the Cohen Veteran’s Bioscience Foundation has now brought CDISC the majority of the funding for this standard. The project kicked off 14 September 2016. We are grateful to all our sponsors, donors and volunteers that made this standard possible!


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