Standards Translated into Japanese

SDTMIG v3.2 と SDTM v1.4 と ADaMIG v1.0 が日本語に翻訳されました。CDISC は翻訳を行ってくださった国立病院機構名古屋医療センター、日本のCDISCユー ザーグループ (CJUG)および先端医療振興財団 臨床研究情報センター (TRI) に大変感謝しております。これらの文書はCOP-007に 順守して作成されました。

CDISC is pleased to announce SDTMIG v3.2, SDTM v1.4 and ADaMIG v1.0 have been translated to Japanese. We are very grateful to the National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center, CDISC Japanese User Group (CJUG), and Translational Research Informatics Center (TRI) for their assistance in providing the translations. These documents were created in compliance with COP-007.


PDF iconSDTMIG v3.2_JPN_v1.0.pdf

PDF icon SDTM v1.4_JPN_v1.0.pdf

PDF icon ADaMIG v1.0_JPN_v1.0.pdf

Hajimete-no-ADaM (ADaM Summary Document)

In close collaboration with the CDISC ADaM team, the CDISC Japan User Group (CJUG) ADaM team has prepared a summary document of ADaM v2.1 in Japanese. The team’s intention is to publish a concise and user-friendly document geared toward users new to ADaM. The CJUG ADaM Team followed COP 007 to ensure the quality of the content of this document.

はじめての ADaM Summary Document