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Controlled Terminology Release

Release Date: 
Fri, 12/16/2016

CDISC Controlled Terminology is maintained and distributed as part of NCI Thesaurus on an NCI File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site and is available for direct download on this page.  It is available in Excel, text, odm.xml, pdf, html and OWL/RDF formats. 

New requests or changes to existing terminology can be accessed through the NCI/EVS New Term Request Page and is available for direct download on this page.

As of 16 December 2016 the SDTM, ADaM, CDASH, and SEND Controlled Terminology files have been updated on NCI/EVS. The dates of the new files are 2016-12-16.  These terminology files replace all older SDTM, ADaM, CDASH, and SEND files and include terms from Review Package 28. There are approximately 690 new QRS terms and 155 new terms across SDTM, ADaM, CDASH, and SEND.

CDISC Controlled Terminology is also available through CDISC SHARE Exports.