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CDISC SHARE API Early Adopter Program

During 2017, CDISC members may participate in the CDISC SHARE Application Programming Interface (API) Early Adopters Program. Through this program, licensed users can access the version 1.0 RESTful web service to programmatically retrieve CDISC standards’ metadata from CDISC SHARE to support process automation. The API will further streamline your clinical research processes for myriad uses, including connecting to your organization’s metadata repository and other research applications, developing commercial products, creating desktop software (e.g., software supporting data analysis), preparing study data for submissions, and reporting. Platinum members will receive on-site training for up to five individuals for only the cost of instructor travel. To learn more about the CDISC SHARE API, please review the CDISC SHARE for Implementers documentation.

CROs, who have multiple clients that will use metadata from CDISC SHARE, can repackage CDISC SHARE content in their systems for their customers during 2017 with no additional charge.

Want to access the CDISC SHARE API but not yet a member? Join CDISC.


Academic institutions and non-profit organizations, please contact the CDISC SHARE Team for special pricing.

*Annual pricing includes membership discount of 20% for Gold Members and 40% Platinum Members. 

**Overages in excess of 2 GB of metadata downloaded through the CDISC SHARE API each month will result in usage charges at Amazon Web Services (AWS) current market rate.

***Plus the cost for instructor travel expenses

This pricing will help to defray a portion of the costs to continue to make CDISC SHARE available to CDISC Members and enhance its functionality based on user feedback in the future.

Become a CDISC SHARE API Early Adopter

Early Adopter Requirements: To help maximize the CDISC SHARE API’s utility to the community, CDISC will require that Early Adopters complete brief quarterly surveys to document their experience and any feature enhancement requests.

Licensing Details: Early Adopter IT companies can make CDISC standards’ metadata obtained through the CDISC SHARE API available in their licensed software products for 2017 without additional charge. After the Early Adopter period has ended, additional charges will accrue for redistribution. It is prohibited to openly share CDISC standards metadata from the CDISC SHARE API with the public through any application, program or service.