Variable Definitions Batch 2

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CDISC invites you to submit comments on SDTM Variable Definitions Batch 2 during Public Review.

Batch 2 covers variables outside the general observation classes and the Demographics (DM) domain as well as variables either put on hold in the 2019 Batch 1 or added since then. Batch 2 also includes variables from all of the SDTM v2.0 tables, even though SDTM v2.0 has not yet been released.

  • Table 1 includes definitions for variables not included or placed on hold in Batch 1 (An Excel File of Table 1 is provided as an additional tool for review of this table.)
  • Table 2 includes variable definitions in Batch 1 for variables that appear in additional SDTM tables, and that were unchanged in the broader scope of Batch 2.
  • Table 3 includes variable definitions included in Batch 1 and updated in Batch 2. Many changes were due to the expanded scope (additional SDTM tables) of Batch 2.

View the draft: Variable Definitions - Batch 2

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