FHIR-to-CDISC Mapping v1.0

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CDISC invites you to to submit comments on version 1.0 of the FHIR-to-CDISC Mapping during Public Review. FHIR-to-CDISC Mapping. v1.0 expands and improves upon mappings developed by the CDISC EHR-to-CDASH (E2C) team to achieve greater interoperability and exchange of data from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to clinical research submission-ready datasets. The FHIR-to-CDISC mappings (encompassing FHIR R4, LAB v 1.0, CDASHIG v 2.1, and SDTMIG 3.2 standards) target LAB and six core CDASH and SDTM domains (i.e., AE, CM, DM, MH, PR, and VS). The mappings will be jointly balloted by CDISC and HL7 using their respective governance processes. All publication material will be made freely accessible for use and cross-referenced between HL7 and CDISC, where necessary.

The official authoritative FHIR-to-CDISC mappings will be published as:

  • Mappings (as Excel and XML)
  • CDISC Library

Focus Domains include:

  1. Adverse Events
  2. Adverse Events Medications
  3. Concomitant Medications
  4. Demographics
  5. Medical History
  6. Procedures
  7. Vital Signs
  8. Laboratory Test Results

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