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Comments due: 
8 Mar 2019

The Japanese Translation Team in coordination with the J3C is pleased to announce CDASH Model v1.0 has been translated into Japanese; this translation is available for Public Review. Please note:  This review is to assess the quality of the translation of CDASH Model v1.0  into Japanese.

Timelines and Comment Process

  • The public review period is 30 days. Deadline for submitting comments is 8-Mar-2019. The Japanese Translation Team will address all comments. Resolutions and actions taken will be documented and communicated to the public.
  • The draft document can be found here: CDASH Model 1.0JPN (Please select Japanese for the space language at the top of the page to view the translated version)
  • You will need to log in or register for the CDISC Wiki to review the Read Me and provide comments.