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BRIDG v5.0 Public Review

The Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group (BRIDG) domain information model 5.0 is now available for public review. Comments Due by: 4 May 2017

This review is to assess new concepts, including medical imaging, international trials conduct, and others and new oncology views based on CDISC Therapeutic Area Standards. 

Please access the document package at the BRIDG Download/View Model page. You may download the model to view it on your desktop in Enterprise Architect or view it in your web browser. 

You will need to login or register for a CDISC JIRA account to use the public comment tool.

  • Please provide comments using JIRA, at the link here: BRIDG
  • You will need to log in to or register for the CDISC Wiki to read the User Guide and provide comments.  
    • To register for the Wiki (Register). JIRA and Wiki use the same login, please create only one login. 
    • Instructions for providing comments can be found here: Instructions for Reviewers