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Notes from the Korean Workshop and Symposium

Seoul University

9-10 July 2012

Seoul, South Korea


Greetings from Seoul! Members of our CDISC team have a busy month ahead, with CDISC workshops and an interchange scattered around the Asian continent. We have begun our journey with a trip to Seoul, South Korea, where Dr. Rebecca Kush, CDISC President and CEO, Wayne Kubick, CDISC Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Pierre-Yves Lastic, CDISC E3C Past-Chair and Chair-elect of the CDISC Board of Directors, and Dr. Kiyoteru Takenouchi, CDISC J3C Past-Chair and Board Member, have all given presentations to the K3C and interested parties from the Korean Society of Clinical Development at the CDISC Korea Workshop/Symposium about the importance of using CDISC standards for clinical research. A general overview of the standards and activities was given on the first day, and in-depth training over the standards and how the work together end-to-end was offered the second day.


The Workshop/Symposium began with Dr. Kush presenting on the State of the CDISC Union, as well as giving a high-level introduction to CDISC. "Standards help with collaboration, they help to facilitate better science, and they help ensure efficiency for regulatory purposes," Dr. Kush stated. Mr. Kubick gave a high-level description of each of the CDISC standards during his presentation in the early afternoon, with a more in-depth discussion following the next day.


The day was concluded with presentations by representatives speaking for each of the CDISC Coordinating Committees, with Dr. Lastic offering updates on the E3C, Dr. Takenouchi giving updates on the J3C, Dr. Kush spoking on behalf of the C3C, and Dr. Sukil Kim, Chair of the K3C, offering updates on CDISC in South Korea.


Next, our team will head to Japan for the 2012 Japan Interchange in Tokyo. Please stay tuned for updates through our blog and social media!



By Andrea Vadakin

CDISC, Public Relations Manager


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