Japan User Group

Japan User Group

Yoshiteru Chiba

Head of CDISC Japan User Group

CJUG-SDTM Team Update

The CJUG SDTM team held our regular monthly meeting on 9th August at Astellas Pharma. Excellent presentations were accompanied by active discussions. We held breakout sessions for attendees to participate in team activities.

Our next meeting took place 6 September at Oracle. Guest presentations included such titles as “Clinical Data – Where Are We Now” and “Challenges of CDISC Metadata Repository Implementation”, followed by in-depth discussions among sub-teams.

After the meeting, we enjoyed attending a baseball game.

CJUG has six teams that plan meeting activities depending on team purpose. We have two events coming up:  A  webinar, which will take place 1 December and include selected presentation from various team members. We will also hold a a face-to -face workshop in Q1 2020, which will comprise presentations regarding knowledge exchange and experience implementing CDISC Standards.