Wenjun Bao, Ph.D., JMP Life Sciences, SAS Institute Inc.

DIA China 9th Annual Meeting was held in Shanghai in May 21-24, 2017. Yazhong Deng of TrustCRO magically got a complimentary booth for China CDISC Coordinating Committee (C3C) two days before the meeting. 

Zibao Zhang and John Wang of DMed found vendors to print 100 copies of CDISC brochures and CDISC posters the next day. Thirteen out of 18 C3C members attended DIA China meeting. The booth attracted many DIA attendees who took all of our brochures. Many attendees asked about our regular user seminars. The booth also became the center point for our members to gather and take many pictures.  


Liang Xiao (Taimei) and John Wang (DMEd) set up booth.
Billy Xin (Taimei) and Wenjun Bao (SAS) at booth.
Liang Xiao (Taimei), Billy Xin (Taimei), Simon Wang (Roche), Linda Wang (Novartis), Wenjun Bao (SAS), Ruiling Peng (Improve-Quality), Yazhong Deng (TrustCRO), Stanley Wei (Novartis), John Wang (DMed Global).
Liang Xiao (Taimei), John Wang (DMed Global), Ruiling Peng (Improve-Quality), Wenjun Bao (SAS), Linda Wang (Novartis), Yazhong Deng (TrustCRO), Hualong Sun (Meta_Clinical) , Billy Xin (Taimei), Simon Wang (Roche)
Linda Wang (Novartis), Wenjun Bao (SAS), Zibao Zhang (DMed Global)
Lily Zhao (PAREXEL), Shenglin Zhang (PAREXEL)