On October 12th, The University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine (UMIN) hosted an open CDISC symposium with co-sponsor, AMED. The Symposium "Improving Efficiency of Clinical Trial Data Management using CDISC Standards" welcomed 95 participants from national research centers, medical institutions, academia, university officials, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and vendors.

The speakers, in cooperation with a wide range of professionals from public institutions, university hospitals, national centers and others, are deeply involved in the field of clinical trials and contribute to promotion, efficient and high quality clinical trials. They presented past activities, research results, future plans, and useful suggestions.


Prof. Kiuchi (UMIN)

Dr. Maruyama (AMED)

Mr. Sakaguchi (PMDA)

Yoshiteru Chiba (J3C)

Prof. Dr. Jozef Aerts (The University of Applied Science FH Joanneum) and E3C Member. 

Dr. Okada (UMIN)

Prof. Matsumura (Osaka University hospital)

Dr. Yokoi (Kagawa University hospital)

Mr. Ohtsu (National Center for Global Health and Medicine)

Mr. Aoyagi (National Cancer center hospital east)

This Symposium aimed to return benefit to society as a part of the research activities of "Standardize EHR data stored in SS - MIX storage into CDISC" research that we are working with support from AMED, by opening the results of interim research widely to the general public.

We believe that the participants extensively understood the advantages such as reuse of clinical data to clinical trials, especially when adopting the CDISC standards in these fields to realize reasonable and high-quality clinical research. We hope that further development of this field will contribute to medical development in the future.

UMIN Center will continue to promote the global adoption of CDISC standards.  In particular, we would like to devote our efforts to promoting the adoption of the CDISC standards to academia.


Yoshiteru Chiba (J3C)