Lauren Becnel, PhD, VP, Strategy and Innovation, CDISC

CDISC SHARE  is a curated resource that makes machine-readable core standards content available in a variety of formats through CDISC SHARE Exports or the CDISC SHARE API described below.

CDISC SHARE API Available for Platinum Members 

CDISC is pleased to announce the CDISC SHARE Application Programming Interface (API) will be available free to Platinum Members January 2018. Platinum Members interested in utilizing the API to support their customers are encouraged to reach out to the CDISC SHARE Team.

The CDISC SHARE API, a RESTful web service, allows real-time access to standards in a variety of formats (XML, RDF and JSON) for programmatic use by developers to create CDISC metadata libraries within your metadata repositories, support CDISC standards in electronic case report forms, and use within clinical research and learning health systems. The API facilitates the implementation of CDISC standards to further automate clinical research processes.

CDISC SHARE API v1.0 has been available to all CDISC members since January 2017 for a licensing fee through our Early Adopter Program. To increase adoption and prompt system automation and integration, CDISC is providing the API as a benefit to Platinum beginning 2018.

Additionally, the CDISC SHARE team is pleased to announce that a new version, CDISC SHARE API v2.0, will be released July 2018. The CDISC SHARE API 2.0 will provide access to the CDISC SHARE v2.0 model, in which CDISC standards are represented as linked metadata, and makes available new content, such as conformance rules. CDISC SHARE API 2.0 also expands on the search capabilities currently available in v1.0.

The CDISC SHARE Team recently invited the CDISC community to provide input and participate in a face-to-face design session for CDISC SHARE API 2.0 specification. We will continue to hold periodic design conference calls that accommodate time zones in Asia, Europe and North America to further collaborate on this design effort and gather feedback. If you or your colleagues are software developers or systems architects and would like to be involved, please contact We invite you to review the CDISC SHARE API 2.0 specification and test it out with sample CDISC standards metadata to learn how it functions before integrating it into your code. For more information, please visit the SHARE API 2.0 Public Input page.

CDISC SHARE API 2.0 Public Input Ended

The Public Input period for the CDISC SHARE API 2.0 ended  30 Nov 2017. The CDISC SHARE Team will consider input given and prioritize requests and suggestions for this release and future releases. We anticipate releasing CDISC SHARE 2.0 Model and API in 2018.

CDISC RDF Reference Guide v1.1 Public Review Ended

CDISC Standards in RDF provides a representation of the CDISC Foundational Standards in a model based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF). RDF provides executable, machine-readable CDISC standards from CDISC SHARE.  The Public Review Period for version 1.1 of the RDF Reference Guide has 30 OCT 2017. We are now resolving comments.