Japan User Group

Japan User Group

Yoshiteru Chiba

Head of CDISC Japan User Group, University Hospital Medical Information Network (UMIN)

The CDISC Japanese User Group (CJUG) held a our annual workshop 7 March at the APRICO conference center with 60 people in attendance.  

In the morning, Dr. Yuki Ando delivered an update from the PMDA and CDISC Chief Standards Officer, Peter Van Reusel, gave a presentation on CDISC 360 via video.  In the afternoon, we held group sessions discussing various subjects, allowing us to gain more knowledge relating to CDISC standards. We also addressed results of a recent questionnaire to CJUG members. Participants have been able to improve their knowledge of CDISC by attending the workshop.

CJUG looks forward to interacting with other CDISC user groups from around the world.