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New Chair for CDISC Coordinating Committees in China

The CDISC China Coordinating Committee (C3C) was initiated in 2008 when Sandy Lei of J&J came to China and initiated a CDISC group. President, Rebecca Kush, also visited that year and a half-day workshop was held with Lei and Kush as speakers. The first Chair, Simon Wang of Parexel, was elected and a Charter was written. The C3C has since sponsored two Interchanges at Fudan University and more recently initiated a great group that has been validating translations (provided by Absolute Systems Clinical Data Co., Ltd.) and performing translations of the CDISC standards into Chinese. This group is known as CSTAR (CDISC Standards Translation and Review).


This past week, Dr. Pierre-Yves Lastic (Chair-elect of the CDISC Board from sanofi), Sheila Leaman (CDISC Manager of Global Relations), Dr. Kiyoteru Takenouchi (CDISC Board and J3C from CMIC) and Dr. Kush all visited with the C3C in Shanghai. After update discussions and presentations by Drs. Kush and Lastic, Simon Wang conducted an election for his replacement, and Dr. Zibao Zhang of PPD was elected the new chair of the C3C – congratulations Zibao! The group had a wonderful lunch to celebrate.


We wish to extend a sincere thanks to Simon for his essential role in launching the C3C and his chairmanship over the past four years and we welcome Zibao. Zibao has been very active over the past couple of years, not only leading CSTAR but also speaking at conferences as a presenter invited by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) headquartered in Beijing, China.