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Dataset names

ADaM datasets include names that start with "AD", therefore "AD" must not be used as the name of a custom SDTM domain. Analysis datasets that are not based on ADaM may have names that start with "AX", so "AX" must not be used as the name of a custom SDTM domain. The SDTM Domain Abbreviations codelist includes "AD" and "AX" as a reminder that these domain abbreviations must not be used for SDTM custom domains.

One of the ADaM standard variable names is ARELTM, Analysis Relative Time. To avoid conflicts with the SDTM variable --ELTM, the SDTM domain abbreviation "AR" should be avoided, and must not be used for a custom domain that includes the --ELTM variable, Planned Elapsed Time.

Variable names

ADaM datasets include variables taken directly from SDTM as well as additional derived variables.  Supplemental qualifier names should be chosen to avoid conflicts with ADaM variables.  ADaM variable naming conventions are described in the ADaMIG.

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