2017 CDISC Japan Interchange
"Innovation through CDISC Standards to Advance Medical Breakthroughs"

13-15 June 2017 - Tokyo, Japan

CDISC Interchanges are global events held annually on three continents with hundreds of attendees gathering to network, share their expertise, best practices, and lessons learned about implementing CDISC data standards to enable clinical research to "speak the same language."

CDISC standards are required for regulatory submissions to the US FDA and Japan PMDA, endorsed by the China CFDA, and requested for use by the European Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).

Why Should I Attend?

Seven Reasons Why You Should Attend the CDISC Japan Interchange

Schedule & Program

View cutting-edge topics in clinical research presented by distinguished speakers.


Join clinical minds to discuss successes, challenges, and opportunities in developing and implementing CDISC standards


Learn CDISC from CDISC!

Attend our authorized courses


Generate awareness around the global adoption of CDISC standards by sponsoring an Interchange


Broaden your organization's visibility to Sponsors, Regulators, CROs, Biotechs, Technology Service Providers, and Academics.


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