WED 5 FEB 2020, 11 AM - 12:30 PM China Standard Time



-中文翻译稿涵盖的CDISC标准: SDTMIG v3.2, ADaMIG v1.1 (以及OCCDS v1.0和ADaM v2.1)






On this webinar, Shenglin Zhang from Chinese CDISC Coordinationg Committee (C3C) will cover:

  • The Chinese translations for Public Review of SDTMIG v3.2, ADaMIG v1.1 (including ADaM OCCDS v1.0 and ADaM v2.1)
  • Public Review Timeline first batch Jan 20th to Mar 20th. 
  • The publishing plan after the Public Review is complete.
  • Chinese translations for future CDISC standards versions.
  • Demo on how to submit comments on the CDISC Wiki.


  • Chao Wang,Director of Statistical Programming, FMD K & L
  • John Wang, Associate Director, Statistical Analysis,  dMed Biopharmaceutical Co.
  • Victor Wu, Co-founder, Beijing Data Science Express Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Shenglin Zhang, Director of Biostatistics, Taimei Medical Technology

Webinar Language: Chinese

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