TUE 18 FEB 2020 - 10:00-11:30AM CST

CDISC is embarking on a journey of change. Join President and CEO David R. Bobbitt as he presents the CDISC Strategic Plan 2019-2022. This presentation focuses on:

  • How will CDISC respond to new sources of data and new technologies?
  • How should we build and deploy standards?
  • What work must CDISC engage partners?
  • How will CDISC support member companies and those who utilize CDISC standards?
  • What is CDISC’s plan for global utilization of the standards?
  • How will CDISC support academics and others who utilize CDISC standards outside the traditional sponsor-regulator use case?

David R. Bobbitt, President & CEO, CDISC

Webinar Language: English

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