Date and Time:
THU, 25 JUL 2019, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Central US Standard Time 

Version 2.0 of ODM will provide many new capabilities, features, and improvements over v1.3.2. This webinar will demonstrate some the most important new features, including an ODM RESTful API, support for automated study designs, JSON support, data queries, content semantics, enhanced support for non-CRF data, enhanced support for dynamic CRFs,  improved traceability, and better support for translations. We will also highlight the role of ODM v2.0 in the CDISC 360 Project.

Sam Hume, Vice President, Data Science, CDISC
Sally Cassells, Sr Director, Data Exchange Standards and Certification, CDISC

Webinar Language: English

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