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eSHARE for non-Platinum Members


Quoting from http://www.cdisc.org/cdisc-announces-launch-cdisc-eshare:

Access to CDISC eSHARE is currently free for CDISC Platinum Members and can be found through the Members Only Area of the CDISC website

Does this mean non-Platinum members will have to pay for access?  I think having the standards in a machine-readable format is a great idea, but for a fee?  Consider that there are likely many people from non-Platinum (or even non-CDISC) organizations who helped create the standards.  That there would even be consideration of having them pay for their own work is mind boggling.  You might want to revisit http://www.cdisc.org/CDISC-Vision-and-Mission, where you say

The CDISC mission is to develop and support global, platform-independent data standards that enable information system interoperability to improve medical research and related areas of healthcare.  CDISC standards are vendor-neutral, platform-independent and freely available via the CDISC website.


Here's my reply from the SHARE linkedIn forum where this same comment was posted: I agree ;-) CDISC is definitely committed to providing free and open standards. That said, SHARE adds an expensive and complex new dynamic into the CDISC business model that we need to fund in a sustainable way. CDISC is currently exploring several long-term funding options for making the many new features of SHARE available to the widest possible audience consistent with our mission. I hope to have more details on this relatively soon. If you’re planning to attend the Interchange I’d be happy to discuss this with you then.