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Leverage the CDISC Knowledge of Your Staff

Licensing authorized CDISC course materials and having one or more authorized CDISC instructors as part of your staff allows your organization to:

  • Train your team on the CDISC standards on an “as-needed” basis.
  • Realize significant savings on authorized CDISC training.
  • Have full access to current, authorized course materials that have been created by members of the same teams that develop the standards!
    • This saves your internal training organization the hundreds of hours that it would take to create and maintain CDISC training materials.
  • Receive ongoing train-the-trainer development for your staff instructors.
  • Ensure that your staff are receiving authoritative CDISC training.

To request information about licensed CDISC training, complete the information request form and a member of the Education staff will contact you.

Licensed training is a benefit of CDISC membership. If your organization is not a member, please visit our membership page to learn how you can join CDISC.

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