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New CDISC Standards in RDF Reference Now Available for Public Review – Comments Due 20 February 2015

The CDISC Standards in RDF Version 1.0 Draft Review Package, which was prepared by the PhUSE CS Semantic Technology Working Group, is now available for public comment.  The package includes a Reviewer’s Guide, which should be read first and provides advice on how to review the documentation and access the associated RDF files, and a Reference Guide, which describes the RDF models and other relevant information.  This package will be open for comment for 60 days to allow time to evaluate the RDF files representing CDASH, SDTM, SEND and ADaM standards.  The normative RDF representation of CDISC standards is expected to be available through SHARE later in 2015.

Please access the document package and provide comments through the CDISC Public Comment Tracker tool.  
You will need to login or register for a CDISC portal account to use the tool.  Help is also available on the Public Comment Tracker page.

Instructions on using the Public Comment Tool