The CDISC SHARE  Application Programming Interface (API), a RESTful web service, allows real-time access to standards in a variety of formats (XML, RDF and JSON) for programmatic use by developers to create CDISC metadata libraries within your metadata repositories, support CDISC standards in electronic case report forms, and use within clinical research and learning health systems. The API facilitates the implementation of CDISC standards to further automate clinical research processes. To learn more about the CDISC SHARE API, please review the CDISC SHARE for Implementers documentation.

Additionally, the CDISC SHARE API v2.0 will be released Q3 2018. The CDISC SHARE API 2.0 will provide access to the CDISC SHARE v2.0 model, in which CDISC standards are represented as linked metadata, and makes available new content, such as conformance rules. CDISC SHARE API 2.0 also expands on the search capabilities currently available in v1.0.

CDISC SHARE API v1.0 Available Free to Platinum Members  

The CDISC SHARE API v1.0 is available free to our Platinum Members. Platinum Members interested in leveraging the API are encouraged to reach out to the CDISC SHARE Team for more information.


CDISC SHARE API v1.0 Availability to Gold Members

CDISC Gold Members can utilize SHARE API v1.0 for an Annual License Fee


Want to access the CDISC SHARE API but not yet a member? Join CDISC.

Academic institutions and non-profit organizations, please contact the CDISC SHARE Team for special pricing.

*Annual pricing includes membership discount of 20% for Gold Members.  

**Overages in excess of 2 GB of metadata downloaded through the CDISC SHARE API each month will result in usage charges at Amazon Web Services (AWS) current market rate.

*** Member is responsible for paying instructor(s) travel expenses.