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CDISC Global Relations - China


CDISC Global Relations in May included a very productive collaboration with the Drug Information Association (DIA) during their 3rd Annual Meeting in China in May.  The DIA kindly hosted a meeting of the CDISC China Advisory Committee (CCAC), which was launched by CDISC in Beijing in 2010 and is now chaired by Claire Tan of Quintlies (absent from the photo below as she is addressing the group at the front of the room).  Present were a number of experts in clinical research in China along with the DIA President of the DIA Board, the DIA Executive Director and representatives of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) Julie Schneider (based in Beijing) and John Speakman (based in Rockville, MD).  



  Dr. Kush Meeting with the C3C



A CDISC Session held that morning at the DIA meeting was very well-attended. It was chaired by Rachel Yang of Oracle and included speakers Wayne Kubick from the CDISC Board of Directors, Peter Van Reusel of Business & Decision in Brussels, Simon Wang, Leader of the CDISC China Coordinating Committee (C3C) in Shanghai and myself. 






During the time we were in China, we also had the opportunity to sign the official C3C charter with Simon Wang and an MOU with Dr. Yonghao Lee (CDISC Patron), who has translated CDISC standards into Chinese. The translated documents will be posted openly once they are verified by the C3C.




  Dr. Kush and Dr. Wang signing the official C3C charter



  Dr. Kush signing the MOU with Dr. Lee




On the Sunday prior to the DIA Meeting, there were pre-conference tutorials.  I presented on the “Global Approach to Accelerating Medical Research” to a group of attendees from China and Europe, while Claire Tan provided opening and closing remarks as moderator and Dr. Lee provided running commentary in Chinese.  Dr. Lee also translated all 152 slides into Chinese in advance of the tutorial so that attendees had their choice of languages.  We thank him for all of this excellent support on these translations!






In addition, Dr. Lee arranged for a CDISC visit to SFDA to pay our respects and to provide an update following the SFDA meeting that CDISC had in October 2008.  There were 7 SFDA representatives, along with Dr. Lee, Dr. Kush, Ms. Leaman and Ms. Tan representing CDISC and the CCAC.  The SFDA attendees met for 2 hours and finished with a request for more open communication via e-mail going forward. 




  Ms. Leaman along with Claire Tan, leader of the CDISC China Advisory Committee in Beijing.




Of course, many of our CDISC Members had booths in the exhibit area of the DIA meeting in China. So, Sheila Leaman, Manager of CDISC Global Relations, made the rounds to thank them for their support (and to talk with those who are not yet members about joining CDISC to support further progress)!




  Ms. Leaman, Manager of CDISC Global Relations, thanking the exhibitors for their support