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6 Nov 2009

I attended the Coalition Against Major Disease (CAMD) Coordinating
Committee Meeting at the FDA’s White Oak Campus this week. The initial
goal of CAMD is to define clinical data standards and establish a
pooled database of the control group of pharmaceutical clinical trials
in order to develop quantitative disease progression models for both
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease ...

5 Nov 2009


The International Standards Organization (ISO) recently held one of its
twice-yearly meetings in Durham, North Carolina. Past meetings CDISC
attended were in Istanbul, Turkey; Goteborg, Sweden; Edinburgh,
Scotland. Here you can see one of the banners at the Durham meetings, thanks to
Bron Kisler for the photo...

4 Nov 2009

The HHS Workshop on 15 October was entitled “Identifying Opportunities
to Maximize the Utility of Genomics Research Data Through Electronic
Health Information Exchange”.  Notice that the word “Standard” is not
mentioned; this was intentional.  Some of you may ask why?  
I have been informed many times that the word ‘standard” connotes such
ideas as rigidity, stifling creativity, inhibiting innovation. There
are indeed many different types of standards (from a sort of flag, to a
type of rather mundane beef to a standard operating procedure)...

2 Nov 2009

November is suddenly upon us and I am wondering where the first 10 months of the year have gone. While welcoming the earlier sunrise (and the end of daylight savings, which brings no favors to those of us who live in the hotter areas nearer the equator), there is reason to reflect on what CDISC has done in the past 10 months of 2009 and where we are going in 2010. There have been many opportunities to do this recently...

28 Oct 2009

Poor Landen is in over his head this month with three deliverables hitting at the same time: HITSP IS 158, CCHIT clinical research criteria, and IHE Redaction Services proposal all due the last week of October.  That’s this week!  So what do these deliverables mean for CDISC?  Here’s a sketch, with more to follow ...

27 Oct 2009

Since I last wrote on the blog much has changed. As you may have noticed, we have a new website. This has taken a great deal of effort by the CDISC communications staff to get this developed and the content from the old site moved across. It took a little longer to get the blog up and running as part of the new site but we are there now.

The other day, I looked at one of my computer screens. My twitter feed started reporting...

27 Oct 2009

I’m just back from the ISO TC 215 Joint Working Group meeting in Durham, North Carolina.  I was there to give a BRIDG update to Working Groups 1 and 2.  The update included a quick BRIDG status, a review of the New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) results  for BRIDG (it passed in August 2009), and the plans for the upcoming ballot through the Joint Initiative Committee (JIC) process.  The group voted to propose  a resolution to the plenary to ballot BRIDG.  So, we’re making progress in our effort to make BRIDG a global, open, publicly available standard.

27 Oct 2009

One of the main reasons for starting the CDISC blog was to improve the flow of communication from CDISC to the CDISC community. It is a feature of CDISC that the less we communicate the better the quality of the rumours. The problem we face is that however much we do actually communicate, we could always do more. This has certainly be true when I think about the CDISC HL7 project and some of the rumours that surround that work. However, more about that project in a later post ...

8 Oct 2009

Last week, I had just returned from San Francisco after a face-to-face meeting about the CDISC work to build a repository of shared semantics. After a long trip home, I indulged in my interest in cycling and caught up with the Tour of Italy, the Giro d’Italia. The Giro, along with the Tour of Spain – the Vuelta – and the Tour de France are the three premier events on the annual cycling calendar. This year was the 100th running of the Giro and, after being out of professional cycling for three years, Lance Armstrong was competing in the event for the first time. Lance was there to raise awareness of his Livestrong charity and its work in fighting cancer. With Lance at the event the media interest exploded....