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BRIDG Release 3.0 - Public Review

BRIDG Release 3.0 is ready for public review.  The biggest change to, and benefit of, BRIDG Release 3.0 is the new multi-level model approach which is intended to be more useful to both domain experts and technologists.

The release package consists of several parts: the BRIDG model, User’s Guide, Release Notes, a Comment Spreadsheet, and other supporting items.  To download the BRIDG Release 3.0 Release Package, please download the set of zip files below:

BRIDG 3.0 Sub-Domain Models
BRIDG 3.0 Comprehensive Domain Analysis Model
BRIDG 3.0 RIM Models
BRIDG 3.0 Documentation
BRIDG 3.0 Domain Analysis Model Style Guide
BRIDG 2.2 to 3.0 Change Lists
BRIDG 3.0 Comments – Blank Form

There is a Comment Spreadsheet in the release package. Please be sure to complete all columns so that we can address your comment effectively. Please do not add additional columns to the spreadsheet during your review since we plan to combine all comments into one spreadsheet.

This review and comment period is the first of several steps being taken to advance BRIDG to a global, open, publicly-available standard.   After this comment period closes and comments have been addressed, BRIDG Release 3.0 will go through the ISO Joint Initiative Council (JIC) process which will include HL7 and ISO ballots as well as another CDISC review and comment cycle.  All comments from all reviews and ballots will then be addressed after which BRIDG Release 3.0 will become an international standard.  The current plan calls for this to effort to complete in mid to late 2010.

The BRIDG Project is an unprecedented collaboration between the National Cancer Institute, HL7, the United States FDA, and CDISC.

For more information about BRIDG in general, please go to: www.bridgmodel.org


Please send all comments to BRIDGR3comments@cdisc.org by Tuesday 15 December 2009