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Patients - The Main Focus of the International Interchange


The patient was the main character in the 2015 CDISC International Interchange.Whether it is our friends, family, neighbors, or ourselves, we are all patients.This year’s Interchange focused on the patient and how quality data ensures that the patient is receiving the best possible care and treatment and how quality data can unlock cures.Patients and families now have access to much more information and truly do want to share their data to improve healthcare, but without standards, this data is often very difficult to share. 


Standardized data streamlines the clinical trial process by providing faster access to the data allowing various sub analyses, as well as cross-trial and genomic analyses.To increase data sharing, which will ultimately improve patient care and outcomes, we need to change the culture of research.This can be done by advocating the global adoption of CDISC standards throughout the entire research community. We need to continue to develop our foundational standards, expand controlled terminology, and continue to develop the therapeutic areas.Patients should have the greatest say on how their data can be shared and used and in order to make this data meaningful, it must be standardized. 


By Amy Palmer, CDISC Senior Project Manager