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Strategies, Goals, Roadmap

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Strategic Goals 2015 - 2017

The CDISC Board of Directors approved a new set of Strategic Goals in 2015. One of the key objectives in developing these new goals was to bring the CDISC Organization, supporters and projects together in a more complementary way to create additional efficiencies as we realize SHARE and continue to develop standards to streamline clinical research and to inform a learning health system based upon research findings that can improve patient care.

In prior years, CDISC has had five or more Strategic Goals looking forward 3-5 years. This set was designed to look forward at least three years and consists of three Strategic Goals as follows:

  • Promote and support the continued global adoption of harmonized data standards throughout the clinical research lifecycle by engaging regulatory agencies, research sponsors, academia and other stakeholders through education, advocacy and collaboration.

  • Implement clinical research standards that are complementary to standards in the broader healthcare ecosystem and thus add value for clinical researchers, healthcare providers and patients.

  • Leverage the Shared Health And Research Electronic Library (SHARE) and other tools to further expedite the development and facilitate the implementation of harmonized standards for clinical research.