CEF Staff

Paul Houston – European CDISC Liaison

Paul Houston serves as CDISC's liaison to various European organizations, including the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and European Medicine Agency (EMA). Mr. Houston was a co-lead of the standards advisory group, which is part of the IMI’s Translational Research repository, eTRIKS, and represented CDISC on the IMI BioVacSafe consortium, which is developing a new vaccines standard. 

Before joining CDISC,  Mr. Houston served as a Programme Manager in International Standards at the EMA standards activity in the ICH, CDISC, HL7 and ISO spaces. Taking the project lead on the Identification of Medicinal Products standards, he worked closely with the pharmacovigilance departments at FDA and PMDA to publish the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) suite of standards to be implemented by EMA, FDA and PMDA.

Peter Van Reusel – European CDISC Liaison

Peter Van Reusel represents CDISC to a variety of European stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, academia, and data standards organizations. He advocates the value of CDISC standards and advises on CDISC implementation in various frameworks.

Dorina Bratfalean – Data Management Consultant

Dr. Dorina Bratfalean provides advice and guidance on CDISC standards on behalf of the CEF for the IMI projects, eTRIKS and BioVacSafe. Specifically, she implements and maps project data to CEF standards and provides each project with a data standards plan to ensure consistency, integrity, quality and harmonisation across clinical and non-clinical study data in translational medicine.