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What is SHARE?

CDISC standards are open and freely available as published PDFs on our website. To provide our members with machine-readable versions of our standards, CDISC launched the Shared Health And Research Electronic library (SHARE) for developing, integrating and accessing CDISC standards metadata electronically. SHARE is a curated resource that makes it easier to implement CDISC standards in electronic systems such as clinical data management systems, mobile apps, and learning health systems. It also increases accessibility of these standards to programmers, data managers and biostatisticians. Implementing SHARE’s standards can facilitate collecting, aggregating and analyzing standardized data from early design to end analysis. 

SHARE supports CDISC’s Foundational Standards Development Teams in streamlining metadata creation processes and serves an important role in developing, managing and re-using metadata for new Therapeutic Area standards, other specialized implementations of the Standard Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) such as the Pharmacogenomics/Genetics (PGx) and Medical Devices Implementation Guides. SHARE will serve as a critical tool for developing and sharing biomedical concepts beginning in 2017 and furthering CDISC innovations for the clinical research community.

Who can access SHARE content and how?

Content from SHARE, known as eSHARE Downloads, is available to CDISC members in the Members Only area of our website. eSHARE Downloads include the full suite of CDISC standards, their implementation guides and controlled terminologies in a variety of machine-readable formats (ODM, RDF, XLS, and XML). For a complete listing of standards available through eSHARE, please see the eSHARE product catalog

To facilitate the implementation of CDISC standards and further automate clinical research processes, CDISC has developed an API (Application Programming Interface), which will be released for licensed use to members in late 2016. The API allows real-time access to standards in a variety of formats (XML, RDF and JSON) for programmatic use by developers and biostatisticians, the creation of CDISC metadata libraries within other organization’s metadata repositories, the support of CDISC standards instantiated in electronic case report forms, and uses by electronic clinical research and learning health systems. 



For those new to SHARE, the SHARE FAQ should be your first stop. The FAQ is on the CDISC Wiki, and user registration is required. If you can't find the answer to your question, please post a comment.


Volunteering with the SHARE Team

The SHARE Team is accepting new volunteers for our Biomedical Concepts activities. If you have created Biomedical Concepts at your organization, and would like to share them with the broader community as part of a new CDISC standard, or are interested in contributing to their development, please complete the volunteer form to sign-up. We look forward to working with you!