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Registered Solutions Providers


Need CDISC Expertise? Then click here to find CDISC Registered Solutions Providers!


The purpose of the Registered Solutions Provider (RSP) Program is to advertise information about organizations and companies with CDISC implementation experience and capabilities so that those who need that experience have a place to find CDISC resources*.


Want to be listed as a CDISC Registered Solutions Provider?
Read about the benefits and requirements below, then click here to apply.


CDISC Registered Solutions Providers are consultants, system integrators, and subject matter experts who support CDISC through membership, RSP fees, implementing CDISC standards in their organizations and for their clients, and in many cases through active standards development team participation.


Benefits: CDISC will provide the following to all RSPs:


1. Listing on our RSP webpage.

  • Your company name with links to your web site, and an indication of the standards in which you have expertise.

2. Advertising.

  • We regularly point potential clients your way through our various electronic communications, at Interchanges, and through Education events, reminding those who need your type of expertise to check out the RSPs posted on our web site.


Requirements: to be listed as an RSP,

  • Become a member of CDISC.
    • Your organization/company must be a CDISC member in good standing.
  • Apply. 
    • The RSP program is a self-registration program - we depend on the honor system to accurately reflect an applicant organization’s experience/expertise.
  • Complete the RSP application form.
    • This is the source of the information posted on the CDISC website so completeness and accuracy are most important.
  • Pay the annual fee.
    • Fees are based on membership level and number of employees in your organization.


RSP Annual Fee

Total number of Employees in your Organization

Gold Members

Platinum Members including Academic, Non-profit, Government




100 - 999



11 - 99



1 - 10





Click here to get started as a CDISC Registered Solutions Provider.

  • After your application is received and your membership status is confirmed, you will be sent an electronic invoice via e-mail to the contact e-mail address you provide on the application form. Once the invoice is paid CDISC will add your information to the RSP list. Each year you will be invoiced for the annual renewal amount along with your membership renewal to continue your RSP listing.

  • CDISC reserves the right to remove any RSP from the list who provides inaccurate or misleading information about their capabilities as well as those who do not pay the annual renewal fee or membership fee.

 *CDISC is making the information available in the RSP list as a service but makes no claim as to the suitability for a particular need or accuracy of the information. As with any service provider engagement, potential clients should verify that the chosen provider is the best fit for your organization's need.


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