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Benefits & Rates

CDISC offers two levels of membership:

Join CDISC and reap the many benefits of membership as well as help us facilitate the global adoption of CDISC standards. Membership contributions are essential in developing worldwide data standards and other CDISC innovations to facilitate medical research.




Total Number of Employees in organization

GOLD Member Annual Fee 

PLATINUM Member Annual Fee 

PLATINUM Member First Year (one-time joining fee)

 1-19  $1,200  $3,800  Annual fee + $3,800 
 20-99  $3,400  $6,300  Annual fee + $6,300 
 100-999  $8,000  $9,700  Annual fee + 9,700 
 1,000-9,999  $20,500  $23,000  Annual fee + 23,000 
 10,000-24,999  $24,000  $27,000  Annual fee + $27,000 
 >25,000  $29,000  $35,000  Annual fee + $35,000 
Academic Institutions, Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, please contact CDISC Membership for rates

Gold Level Benefits


1. Access to eSHARE, our online global repository for developing, integrating and accessing CDISC metadata standards to improve data flow, quality, speed, efficiency and capabilities in clinical trials. File formats include Excel, XML, RDF, Define-XML, ODM, PDF, CSV.

2. Unlimited access to Members Only Area for all employees to leverage a variety of resources and tools.

3. Monthly Members Only Mini-Training webinars that address industry hot topics. 

4. 20% discount off CDISC training courses and events.

5. Opportunity to become a CDISC Registered Solution Provider; RSPs serve as subject matter resources to organizations who want to implement CDISC standards. 

6. Participation in the CDISC Licensed Training Program, allowing your staff to become authorized instructors to train fellow staff on CDISC standards. 

7. Opportunity for your database tools to be Operational Data Model (ODM) certified to improve the quality of metadata and data interchange throughout the clinical development process.

8. Personalized Gold Member Plaque.

CDISC honors our long-standing members with special upgrade discounts. If you are interested in upgrading, please contact our Membership Team at membership@cdisc.org.


















Platinum Level Benefits  


Platinum members receive all the benefits of Gold Level membership PLUS the following:


1. 40% discount off CDISC training courses and events.

2. Representation on the CDISC Advisory Council (CAC) with opportunities to actively engage in CDISC by:

    • Serving on Board Committees 
    • Voting a Board Member onto the CDISC Board of Directors
    • Participating in Town Hall meetings with regulators and CDISC Board Members
    • Networking with peers, clients and visionaries at face-to-face meetings
    • Attending teleconferences that include implementation experiences from peers and updates from CDISC Operations staff.

3. Overview course, "CDISC Global Approach to Accelerating Medical Research", given at member site during mutually convenient time at no charge.

4. Personalized Platinum Member plaque.