What is SHARE?

CDISC SHARE, a cornerstone of the CDISC technical roadmap, will be a global electronic repository for developing, integrating and accessing CDISC metadata standards in electronic format. SHARE is envisioned to help users find, understand and use rich metadata and controlled terminologies relevant to clinical studies more efficiently and consistently, and to improve integration and traceability of clinical data from protocol through analysis.


SHARE Team Still Accepting Volunteers

The SHARE Team is accepting new volunteers to our growing list of participants. There are a number of sub-teams that are either underway or planning to start in the near future. A current list of sub-teams is available on the wiki. If you are interested in contributing the development of CDISC SHARE and are not already on the team list, please complete the volunteer form to sign-up. We look forward to working with you!


Subscribing to the SHARE News Channel

The SHARE teams have been actively progressing a number of deliverables. If you're interested in understanding more about the development of SHARE, but haven't had the time to sift through the available information, we've created a new mailing list just for you. This mailing list will distribute periodic updates on SHARE activity, as well as links to SHARE wiki content and blogs. Sign up by subscribing to share_news on  



For those new to SHARE, or with a burning question, the SHARE FAQ should be your first stop. If you can't find the answer to your question, post a comment. The FAQ is on the wiki, and registration is required.


eSHARE Testing Underway

Testing is underway on eSHARE, the site for SHARE content downloads. eSHARE is currently being piloted on the CDISC wiki with plans to migrate the content to the CDISC web site once testing has been completed. A small screen shot is listed below, and a larger image is available here.

A small CDISC team is currently working through the test cases. The release of the production eSHARE site is planned for late July.


Recent SHARE Blog Posts

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The First SHARE Library has been Completed

Feb. 3, 2104 - SHARE is no longer merely a vision, idea, or plan. After nearly 6 months of implementation work SHARE R1, our first production library, has been completed. This is a major milestone, and the first step on a long journey towards realizing the vision of transforming the CDISC standards into an end-to-end, interoperable set of metadata all available in a machine-readable format.
Both SDTM 1.2 (IG 3.1.2) and CDASH 1.1 have both been loaded into the production SHARE Library. Using SHARE R1 we will load SDTM 1.3 (IG 3.1.3) and SDTM 1.4 (IG 3.2) in the coming months. Although the CDISC Controlled Terminology development and governance processes will remain unchanged, we will continue to load each newly released terminology package into SHARE. BRIDG 3.2 and the ISO 20190 data types have also been loaded into the R1 library.
The theme for R1 was Machine-Readable Standards. The SHARE Team plans to publish metadata from SHARE for subscribers to download by the end of Q2 2014. The metadata will be published from SHARE in a number of machine-readable formats, including Define-XML, ODM, Excel, and later this year RDF. The published metadata will be posted to the eSHARE web site for subscribers to download.
Initially most users will access published SHARE content using the eSHARE download site. This provides easy access to machine-readable standards published from the iSHARE production library. In the near term, only those developing and governing the standards will use the iSHARE software interactively. As we adjust to the new standards development processes, and load more standards content into SHARE, we will slowly grow the community of interactive SHARE users.



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