What is SHARE?

CDISC SHARE, a cornerstone of the CDISC technical roadmap, is a global electronic repository for developing, integrating and accessing CDISC metadata standards in electronic format. SHARE is envisioned to help users find, understand and use rich metadata and controlled terminologies relevant to clinical studies more efficiently and consistently, and to improve integration and traceability of clinical data from protocol through analysis.

SHARE Team Still Accepting Volunteers

The SHARE Team is accepting new volunteers to our growing list of participants. There are a number of sub-teams that are either underway or planning to start in the near future. A current list of sub-teams is available on the wiki. If you are interested in contributing the development of CDISC SHARE and are not already on the team list, please complete the volunteer form to sign-up. We look forward to working with you!



For those new to SHARE, or with a burning question, the SHARE FAQ should be your first stop. If you can't find the answer to your question, post a comment. The FAQ is on the wiki, and registration is required.


SHARE and Research Concepts

The Research Concept (RC) Approach has long been a key component of the SHARE vision for improving the standards development process. While the CDISC standards have been in use for more than 10 years, the Research Concept Approach adds the semantic layer to underpin the operational standards. This semantic underpinning improves traceability to clinical information and also provides a way to communicate and document the meaning of information in ways that are accessible to clinical researchers as well as standards developers.


In September 2014 at the Research Concept face-to-face meeting, a pilot team was formed to test and learn more about potential solutions for how Research Concepts could improve the Therapeutic Area (TA) projects. This TA RC Pilot will propose a streamlined TA RC development process, introduce a new tool called RCmap (see diagram below), and provide re-usable templates to improve the consistency of RC development.

The window on the left above shows a folder and diagram structure that contains Research Concepts and templates. The diagram for the blue highlighted RC,the Research Concept for Low Density Lipoprotein used in the Dyslipidemia TA, is shown on the right. The RC includes a meaningful set of information (Concepts and their relationships to one another) needed to describe the RC. The RC diagram can also display the controlled terminology subset for a Concept as well as the SDTM variable that maps to that Concept by clicking on the icons shown at the bottom of the Concept. For example, the Method concept maps to SDTM.LB.Method and has Colorimetry and Beta Quantification as permissible values.


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