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Business Case for Standards

Data standards bring about more than just savings in time and money, companies will see additional benefits when they implement CDISC standards:

  • Communication among project teams and partners is easier
  • A greater level of accuracy and less training with a constant process
  • Decision making is simplified
  • Scientists can do the science rather than being concerned with the data
  • Easier transfer of data between partners
  • Opens up a wider choice of tools/technology (as long as they are standards compliant)

If you need information that outlines the value of standards for your company, please take a look at this summary slide set on the Business Case for Standards prepared by, and based on research conducted by, CDISC and Gartner. 


If you have any questions, or if we can provide support to help outline the advantages of CDISC membership for your organization, please contact Shirley Williams, CDISC.