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CDISC Authorized Instructors

CDISC-authorized Education courses are only available from the CDISC Education team, and are identified by the CDISC Education logo.  The logo means that the education courses has been developed by and will be delivered by CDISC staff or qualified industry experts who have passed a rigorous qualification process.


Official CDISC Education Logo


To browse our instructor directory, please click below on the course you are interested in.


  1. ADaM Implementation
  2. BRIDG (Intro and Deep Dive)
  3. CDASH Implementation
  4. Controlled Terminology
  5. Define-XML
  6. Global Approach to Accelerating Medical Research
  7. Healthcare Link
  8. LAB
  9. ODM Implementation
  10. Protocol Representation Model
  11. SDTM Theory and Application
  12. SDTM Theory and Application for Medical Devices
  13. SEND Implementation